5 General Rules for Workplace Tests Part-2

Rule #2

Give Adequate and Specific Instructions
Instructions are critical. Do everything you can to make sure test takers know WHAT to do, and WHEN and HOW to do it.

• If there is a time requirement, state it. e.g. you must finish this section in 30 minutes
• If a tool or resource is allowed, state it. e.g. you may use a calculator for questions 11 – 20. The opposite is true as well – you may NOT use a calculator to complete this section.
• For each item in column A there is ONLY ONE correct answer in column B.

It’s also quite helpful to read the instructions out loud at the start of the test even when they are clearly written on the test itself. This will ensure that everyone hears, sees, and interprets the directions the same way and allows for questions before anyone begins.