Announcing our Teaching Thinking Curriculum

March 23, 2017

Charleston, SC

We are excited and proud to debut our Teaching Thinking Curriculum!

The curriculum is designed to accelerate the development of employee business-skills and is fully customized to achieve an organization’s vision and goals.

“In a knowledge economy, such as is found in the U.S., we pay people to think, solve problems and make critical decisions; yet those skills are often glaringly lacking within organizations. In just the past year we’ve seen two very high-profile examples in VW and Wells Fargo,” says Managing Consultant, Dr. Nanette Miner.

Through a structured process of learning events, on-the-job assignments, personal assessments and coaching, the Teaching Thinking Curriculum helps employees to master a wide variety of business-critical skills such as decision making, working in teams, assessing risk, managing projects, leadership and more. “The curriculum is designed to accomplish in three-years what would normally take someone 20 or 30 years of work experience to learn and master. The goal is to have a more highly-functioning, productive, ethical organization through increasing the skills of all workers,” says Miner.

The company will begin offering its Teaching Thinking Curriculum beginning in April.

You can learn more about it here.