What is the Business Goal for this Training?

It is surprising how much training exists that doesn’t have a real connection to the goals of the business. Perhaps these are legacy courses left over from a time when there was a need and organizations are still offering them – but these days you want to ensure that any training that you are asked to develop anew has a clear business goal.

In discussions with the business process owner who is requesting the training, be sure that they can articulate what the expected business outcomes are for the training. Not only does this assure you that they have truly thought through the need for the training that they are requesting, but it also establishes an ROI point for you (which is something else that is seldom targeted in training design).

If a sales manager requests training in negotiations or cross-selling – you can be relatively sure that there is a business outcome expected from that training. If a sales manager instead asks for team building or training on a particular software – dig a little deeper to find out what they believe that training wold accomplish for the business / their business unit. If an operations manager for a manufacturing facility asks for a course in quality control or machine calibration – there is probably a link to the output of that department. If, however s/he asks for forklift safety you may want to investigate how that will positively benefit the department and its deliverables to the organization.

Not only will asking “How does this training link to the business goals of the company / department?” save you time and money by not developing courses that have no real relevance for the business, but you’ll be seen as a thoughtful contributor to the business overall, rather than an order-taker of training requests.