Why Your Training is Failing

One of the things The Training Doctor specializes in is Training Triage. In other words, we fix sick training. We figure out why it isn't working and then provide solutions to fix it.  Over the years we've identified a number of typical reasons why "your"...

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When is a cookbook training?

Rachel Ray has just released a new cookbook titled Look and Cook. The review says: Packed with 200 never-before-published recipes and 600 four-color photographs. The first 170 recipes have step-by-step instructive color photographs, which makes cooking foolproof. The book also has recipes that are demo'd online...

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Training Magazine’s Industry Report

According to Training Magazine’s recent Training Industry Report, 52.8 BILLION dollars were spent on workforce training last year.  Yowsa! Eight hundred and one respondents were polled on everything from the size of their training budget (in dollars) to what they spent their money on, to how...

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Training, in and of itself, is not worthwhile

Saw this note in a recent Training Magazine (Nov / Dec 2010 issue, p 52) Dr. Robert Brinkeroff said in an interview, "What you do before the training and after the training, accounts for more of whether it works or not, than whether the training itself...

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Does training really help the organization?

We came upon an interesting blog posting from Stephen Gill regarding how easy it is to attribute cause and effect when so many variables can be at play.  He cites a book, The Invisibile Gorrilla which analyzes all sorts of "causal relatonships" between behaviors and...

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Worst Training I Ever Attended

During a training session today we were discussing "the worst training I ever attended." For us, it was a 4-day training course we were auditing for a "training triage" project. In training triage, we help organizations to figure out why their training isn't working. In this...

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