Whose behavior are we modifying, exactly?

For professionals who are concerned with changing behavior, we found this table-top sign on the deck at Pebble Beach amusing.  The amusing part is not what the sign says (although that IS amusing) but really the fact that the sign is intended to train US,...

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Carpenters, Welders and Plumbers – oh my!

The U.S. is not investing as much money and time in technical skills development as other nations, according to a recent book Closing America's Job Gap (W Business Books, January 2011). Shortages of skilled workers -- electricians, carpenters, plumbers and welders -- are acute in...

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Training will save the American economy!

According to a recent report by University of California (San Diego) faculty, training and re-training the American workforce will save America’s economy. Ok, they didn’t exactly say that – but it was close!  According to one of the authors of the report, Henry DeVries, “federal support...

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Are you stuck in a rut?

Do you ever feel, as a trainer, you are doing things by rote? You understand and implement ADDIE in your sleep. You can make PowerPoint sing. You rattle off the 5 levels of training evaluation and know who actually created level 5…. Every once in awhile,...

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The “value” of education?

We just came upon this in a blog called Education Watch International: There were two brothers from a famous family. One did very well at school while the other was a duffer. Which one went on the be acclaimed as the "Greatest Briton"? It was the...

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