The Benefits of Assigning Asynchronous Work

Here is an interesting opinion piece, published in eLearning Magazine, by Dr. Michelle Everson, regarding what she sees as the rewards of teaching online. In reality, what she is espousing is the use of a blended teaching process to get to better learning outcomes than one can...

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Bravo Texas!

The state of Texas is being proactive about preparing its children for workplace success. Based on a 2005 survey of employers, the state has learned that 39% of high school graduates are unprepared for entry-level jobs and 49% are not academically prepared or skilled to...

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ASTD State of the Industry Report

We just finished reading the 32 page ASTD 2010 State of the Industry Report (which is based on 2009 numbers, btw), issued in November, by ASTD.  Here are some of the things we found interesting: A simple statement of the findings: Although organizations made many changes in the...

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NOT training costs money too

According to the Chicago Tribune, a Nebraska plumbing company has been fined by OSHA for failing to conduct employee training after the deaths of two workers. Their fine is $94,500!!...

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Free and low cost training options

We just found this great website: which offers wonderful free and low cost training options. Check out their free Wednesday webinars, coming up: Jan 12: Redefining eLearning Metrics Jan 19: Building Bench Strength; Trends in Leadership Development...

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