Quotable: Heidi Grant Halvorson

Mastering new skills is not optional in today’s business environment. “In a fast-moving, competitive world, being able to learn new skills is one of the keys to success. It’s not enough to be smart – you need to always be getting smarter.” Heidi Grant Halvorson, author:...

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Enabling Your Workers to be Trainers

In 2007 Iron Mountain (records  management company) was suffering from over-expansion (it had acquired 250 companies in 10+ years) and needed a way to get everyone performing in a similar manner. Training started with the drivers and couriers since they were closest to the customer and,...

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Quotable: Ara Ohanian

2013 will see the emergence of L&D professionals who are truly focused on the effect they produce on business. I see the L&D professional progressing through three states of evolution. Yesterday’s professionals were concerned with pushing out information through courses. Today’s hybrid uses a blend...

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Do you think in a particular “style?”

Training Magazine and Pearson TalentLens recently conducted a "thinking styles" survey of 1200+ trainers and discovered that we have three quite dominant thinking styles (out of 7 possible styles): 1)      Inquisitive 2)      Open Minded 3)      Systematic You, too, can find out how you think - and how that thinking style...

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