5 General Rules for Workplace Tests Part-3

Rule #3 Stick to the Facts Do not include trivial information - the only intention of which is to confuse the test taker. For instance: Bob and Ed left their office on K Street in Washington DC at 4:45 pm to travel to BWI airport for a...

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5 General Rules for Workplace Tests Part-2

Rule #2 Give Adequate and Specific Instructions Instructions are critical. Do everything you can to make sure test takers know WHAT to do, and WHEN and HOW to do it. Examples: • If there is a time requirement, state it. e.g. you must finish this section in 30 minutes •...

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5 General Rules for Workplace Tests Part-1

RULE #1 Do Not Trick Them If you have not taught “it” in the training, it should not be on the test. In addition, your test questions should be stated in the same manner they were stated/taught in the class. For example: if you teach the three...

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Interview with Learning Expert – Will Thalheimer

Will Thalheimer is a learning professional and researcher whom The Training Doctor recently interviewed T/D: Let’s focus on learning design and the research that you've done in this area. Thalheimer: One of the things that I think a lot of us forget is that we're not really...

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Adobe Connect and Your Virtual Learning Offerings

Do you (or do you plan to) deliver classes using Adobe Connect? Would you like to utilize ALL of the features of Connect in a way that enables you to have engaging learning events? The BEST of instructional design for the virtual classroom AND technology tips...

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