Interview with Darlene Christopher, author

The Successful Virtual Classroom by Darlene Christopher What motivated you to write this book? I think that delivering training via virtual classrooms offers so much potential to organizations in terms of the ability to scale the delivery of training to dispersed audiences. The books I found on...

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WebEx Tip: Pop-Up Note

If you'd like to have a pop-up welcome note as people join your WebEx Session, you can program it when you schedule your class, OR if you are opening a session spontaneously, go to the menu bar: Meeting > Welcome Message.  It will open a...

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Higher Ed Students are Used to Online Learning

About one-eighth of students enrolled in higher education institutions take all their coursework at a distance (online or through video, satellite or correspondence work), while another one-eighth take at least some classes at a distance according to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education which...

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