Top 8 (useful) Things I Learned in 2018

About two years ago I started keeping a Word document on my computer of Things I Learned. I realized that I learn so many great things each week – that enrich my work life, or make it easier – and often I forget them just as quickly as...

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Missing Leadership Skill: Conflict Management

photo credit: Jean Wimmerlin / Unsplash One of the things we DON'T teach our future leaders: ✔ Conflict Management Conflict management is a skill that all up-and-coming leaders should learn. Some research suggests that 25% of a manager’s day is spent managing conflict. Most people...

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Is it Worthwhile to Learn a Useless Skill?

A few months ago I was facilitating a conversation with a group of CLOs (Chief Learning Officers) and two got in to an almost-heated discussion about the "worthiness" of learning to drive a stick-shift vehicle. The conversation started around the premise of the demise of...

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FREE Developmental Assessments

Self Management is Key to Leadership Development [caption id="attachment_19138" align="alignright" width="259"] assessment[/caption] One of the hallmarks of a good leader is the ability to "manage" oneself. In other words - stay grounded, communicate well, use emotion in a positive way, etc.  Unfortunately most folks learn self management skills through...

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