Interview with Darlene Christopher, author

The Successful Virtual Classroom by Darlene Christopher What motivated you to write this book? I think that delivering training via virtual classrooms offers so much potential to organizations in terms of the ability to scale the delivery of training to dispersed audiences. The books I found on...

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3 Tips for On-boarding New-Hires, Virtually

2016-02-02_12-53-29With companies being so global these days, the old method for on-boarding new hires (gathering them together on a certain day of the month) is not realistic anymore. Many organizations have started to on-board their new-hires virtually, which may seem like an impersonal way to welcome someone to your company, however, when done effectively, the satisfaction rating for virtual on-boarding is just as high as for in-person on-boarding.
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You’re Probably Wondering Why I Invited You To This Training

As our newsletter subscribers well know, one of the services The Training Doctor 
provides is "Training Triage," that is, helping companies to redesign training they
already have in place, but which doesn't hit the mark, for some reason. 

One of our mortraininge recent projects highlighted one 
of the more typical situations we encounter: 
there was not much point for the trainees to be 
there. It was a three-hour class - delivered 
online - which was strictly lecture. This 
approach violated a  number of learning 
principles - both general, classroom principles, 
and more specifically, online learning principles.
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Adobe Connect Tip

Adobe Connect Tip If you like to make engaging, visual, dynamic slides for use in your on-line sessions, you undoubtedly love the SmartArt feature of PowerPoint. If you use Adobe Connect you undoubtedly are also frustrated by the fact that Connect doesn't always display your beautiful...

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WebEx Tip: Pop-Up Note

If you'd like to have a pop-up welcome note as people join your WebEx Session, you can program it when you schedule your class, OR if you are opening a session spontaneously, go to the menu bar: Meeting > Welcome Message.  It will open a...

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Adobe Connect Tip: Polls and Chat Pods

If you are setting up your classroom in advance, and you'd like to bring in a poll or chat pod to place over a share pod (rather than going to a new layout), you can open, size, position and then hide all your pods in...

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Funky fonts in WebEx? Try this tip…

If your organization has its own "branded font" (and this is especially prevalent when using branded PowerPoint templates), you will often find that WebEx will display odd things on your slides; such as words falling out of tables, headlines breaking where they did not break...

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