Developing the Solid 70

When your organization decides who gets training – who gets chosen?

In terms of performance, employees can be classified as A players, B players and C players. A players are your superstars – and make up only 20% of the typical staff. C players – those whose performance is passable but not great – make up another 10%. The bulk of employees are B players – the solid 70.

B players are the heart and soul of organizations. They do consistently good work. They represent your company – and your success. When a customer has an interaction with your company there is a 70% chance they are dealing with a B player. You want your B players to be the best they can be. Too often companies have such limited availability of training that it goes to the A players.

If you’d like to develop your solid 70, you can find a number of suggestions in this earlier posting. But it doesn’t have to be your responsibility to figure it out! During the next round of performance reviews (assuming your company still does them) ask individuals what they are interested in, what they would like to attempt or test, and what skills they would like to develop.


No matter how good your A players are, they will never make up for the “solid citizen” B players. And the more you can incrementally increase the B player’s skills, the more your organization will benefit.