Future-Proofing Your OrganizationFuture-Proofing Your Organization

… by Teaching Thinking Skills


Future-Proofing is a brief look at how American business has come to be at a precipice of capability and the impact that will have on the success of businesses in the 21st century (in truth, in the next 15 – 20 years).


The book introduces methods which can be used today, with your employee population, to turn the tide and develop skilled thinkers. In addition to introducing key strategies necessary for thinking, the book provides sample activities which can be used (individually or in groups) for employee training, and case studies to develop long-term strategic thinking and analyzing skills.


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  • The Accidental Trainer:A Reference Manual for the Small, Part-time, or One-person Training Department

    The Accidental Trainer:A Reference Manual for the Small, Part-time, or One-person Training Department

    This book offers a wealth of information for working within the constraints of the small, part-time, or one-person training department. The Accidental Trainer is the how-to manual for anyone who needs a trainer’s take on how to source, create, or roll out workplace training that hits the mark.

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  • Tailored Learning: Designing the Blend That Fits

    Tailored Learning: Designing the Blend That Fits

    Tailored Learning offers learning professionals a structured methodology to incorporate familiar stand up training techniques with today’s most reliable learning technologies. The book instructs through the example of a fictional equipment company. The reader views a realistic sales-training program through the lens of the classroom, asychronous delivery, synchronous on-line, and finally a blended approach. An appendix provides case-study-examples of successful blended learning designs from a variety of industries.

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News and Media Stories

Dr. Nanette Miner, founder of The Training Doctor, is frequently interviewed for her insights on workforce development and millennial career-development. Her perspectives have been published by the Huffington Post as well as numerous industry and trade magazines, quoted in Fast Company, and she appeared as a guest expert on numerous syndicated business-radio shows.

Listen to this excerpt from an Inc. Radio podcast with host Alan Taylor on the difference between content and context. (5:53)


Nanette Miner speaks with Margie Meacham, of Learning To Go, about the benefits of a thinking curriculum. (29:17)


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