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  • FUTURE-PROOFING YOUR ORGANIZATION… by Teaching Thinking Skills

    FUTURE-PROOFING YOUR ORGANIZATION… by Teaching Thinking Skills

    Future-Proofing is a brief look at how American business has come to be at a precipice of capability and the impact that will have on the success of businesses in the 21st century (in truth, in the next 15 – 20 years). . The book introduces methods which can be used today, with your employee population, to turn the tide and develop skilled thinkers. In addition to introducing key strategies necessary for thinking, the book provides sample activities which can be used (individually or in groups) for employee training, and case studies to develop long-term strategic thinking and analyzing skills.

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    For centuries work was a physical activity with a visible output. But in the 21st century people are paid to think – to solve problems, make decisions, and lead organizations based on analyzing and synthesizing information. For long-term success, today’s businesses require a massive change in how they approach employee development. They require a Thinking Skills curriculum.

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Our case studies emphasize 12 critical business skills.

You have permission to use these cases for your own employee development programs, with credit. If you’d like a case study customized for your industry, business needs, or identified employee development, please call us at 843-647-6304  or fill out our contact form.

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