Resources for graphics to enhance your instructional design

Resources for Graphics to Enhance Your Instructional Design Efforts

Well designed instruction is quite reliant on well designed visual representation (in our humble opinion).

Given that premise, here are some excellent resources for you to check out: – royalty free photos and music/sound effects. You must pay, but very affordable. (This is our preferred site). – completely free photos. Lots of great nature scenes; not business oriented but great for backgrounds or accents. – photos, illustrations and vector graphics. You are able to browse by category such as Business or Industry. Completely free. – is very unique for 2 reasons:

1 –¬†you can download¬† “character packs” which are anywhere from 50 – 75 photos of one individual in many poses. Super helpful when you want a consistent character in your learning, and

2 – “cut out people” which provides thousands of photos of just people – no backgrounds.