Self Management is the #1 Needed Leadership Skill

One of the major learning requirements for leadership – IMHO – is self-management. If individuals are allowed to say what they feel, act without thought, and focus on their own outcomes above others… they will grow into terrible leaders. Teaching self-management skills early, is critical. 

That said…. Please check out The Training Doctor’s Leadership From Day One sub-page on LinkedIn OR our private Facebook group of the same name. They both offer DAILY tips for developing one’s leadership skills.  From quotes, to articles, to courses and assignments. 

We went “live” in January and our whole first month was focused on self-management skills. 

The tips are intended for up-and-coming leaders, but if you are a business owner, manager, or HR person and you want to take the lessons and present them as your own – GO FOR IT.  The point is to start leadership development in your employees as early as possible; it is not for us to get credit for how you do it.