Do You Know How to Debate?

#DebateĀ is a skill we rarely teach-- in school, in college, in corporate training. And yet it is a skill that is widely used in many personal and professional situations. How will you get to a better or "the best" decision without debating all the possibilities? Suggestion: In...

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Teaching Thinking Through Debate

man at podium Remember the Debate Club in high school? It was an excellent tool to help young people to start thinking critically about various issues and honing their communication skills to be able to intelligently articulate issues. With debate season upon us in the United States, this is an excellent time to point out the thinking skills that are developed through using debate. Debate requires someone to construct an argument. That argument can be pro or against, but it must incorporate research, analysis, reasoning, and sometimes synthesis and evaluation in order to establish and substantiate one's position. Debate also requires the debater to master their content, to practice both listening and speaking skills in order to counter the opposing side, and to not only be able to verbalize but also to speak persuasively about their position. These skills are known on Bloom's Taxonomy
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