Educational achievement in the US goes down

The US ranked fourth-worst among 29 developed countries for children obtaining a higher level of education than their parents, According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In the US, only 21.6% of those  25 - 34 years old achieved a...

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How much do you really know about learning?

Parade Magazine recently had an informative back-to-school quiz  focused on learning facts.  Follow this link to see how much you really know. After you answer each question it will tell you the research behind the answer.  We'll give you a few clues because they are important to training: * Testing...

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Paying workers to learn? Yes! Great idea!

Now here's a twist - and a good one at that.  Okanagan College (British Columbia) is offering free training for retail and food service workers. Upon successful completion the learners get paid $500. The curriculum includes: exceeding customer expectations; powerful sales systems; productivity and efficiency; product knowledge; effective communication;...

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