Quotable: Lora Reed

Online learning is "consistent with where we are going with employers and teams." Employers need people who are self-motivated and who can work independently and collaborate online with colleagues, including critiquing each other's work - exactly the skills that online learning builds. Lora Reed, Assistant Professor,...

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Educational achievement in the US goes down

The US ranked fourth-worst among 29 developed countries for children obtaining a higher level of education than their parents, According to a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). In the US, only 21.6% of those  25 - 34 years old achieved a...

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Quotable: Daphne Koller

While the rising costs of healthcare in the United States seems to make the news daily, the cost of higher education has risen 559% since 1985. Quotable: Daphne Koller; Co-founder: Coursera...

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