Is it Worthwhile to Learn a Useless Skill?

A few months ago I was facilitating a conversation with a group of CLOs (Chief Learning Officers) and two got in to an almost-heated discussion about the "worthiness" of learning to drive a stick-shift vehicle. The conversation started around the premise of the demise of...

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Why Testing is Detrimental to Thinking

We all know that just because you've passed a test you haven't really learned anything (when I passed the test to get my motorcycle permit, I had never even ridden a motorcycle!) but did you know that testing processes can actually INHIBIT your thinking and...

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Teaching Thinking through Adapted Appreciative Inquiry

If you've been a reader of this blog for any period of time, you know that using questions  is something we regularly advocate for, in order to change people's thinking and thereby change their behavior on the job. But what if your learners have no preconceived notions on a topic to begin with? What if we don't want to change their thinking, we simply want to e x p a n d their thinking? That's when Appreciative Inquiry  can be an excellent tool for teaching thinking skills.
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Want to test your cognitive abilities?

TestMyBrain is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to collaborating with citizen scientists throughout the world by providing measurement tools that allow people to engage in science and learn about themselves.  Currently the organization has tested over 1.5 million individuals in over 240 countries / territories.  Recent findings have identified that our cognitive abilities change as we age - and can tell you when you'll be the smartest. If you'd like to participate, you'll not only be advancing research but you'll receive personalized feedback too (you'll see how you compare to the "average" person)!
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