You Need a Leadership Development Program that Starts at Day 1 – and here’s why

We wait too long to start leadership development. A 2016 meta-analysis of leadership development programs determined that most leadership development begins at age 46 AND leadership development almost always begins after someone is appointed to a leadership role. That makes little sense. Wouldn't you rather...

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Stop Teaching So Much! Learn to Chunk.

frustrated-with-computerWe recently reviewed a day-long course on coaching which was actually an excellent class, the only thing it suffered from was the typical: Too much content! The course taught 4-different coaching techniques and their best-use given a particular type of workplace situation or a particular type of worker, and then participants were given some time to choose one of their own workers with whom they thought the technique might work, and finally they were divided in to trios to practice the technique. This learn-and-practice process was repeated four times for each of the four techniques.  The problem with this course was that the learning outcomes were just not going  to be that great. It is impossible to learn four different techniques, and remember  when they apply, and the nuances of usage, when you get back on the job when you've been taught them all in one-fell-swoop.
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