10 Challenges When Creating A Blend

More than 60 individuals responded to a survey regarding the challenges they experienced when implementing a blended learning curriculum in their organization. Being aware of theses common challenges will help you to manage them in your own design.

1. Ensuring participants can be successful using the technology.
2. Overcoming the idea that online learning cannot be as effective as classroom training (convincing stakeholders).
3. Keeping online offerings interactive rather than just “talking at” them (keeping the attention of the learners).
4. Ensuring participant commitment and follow-through during “non-live” elements¬†(accountability).
5. Matching the best delivery medium to the objective(s)- arriving at the right blend.
6. Readjusting facilitator roles.
7. Looking at how to teach content- not what to teach.
8. Resisting the urge to use technology simply because it is available.
9. Ensuring all the elements of the blend are coordinated.
10. Managing and monitoring participant progress.