Train People BEFORE You Hire Them

ideaLatin America and the Caribbean will need about 1.2 million software developers within the next decade, according to growth projections, and yet “official educational institutions” only graduate 1000 coders a year. What to do? How about starting a training division to train people you’ll need in the future? A start-up in Lima Peru did just that. Called Laboratoria, the company began training coders, because it could not find qualified personnel for its growing web design business. Last year 1,200 people applied; the company trained and graduated 150. This year they hope to graduate 300 .

The training is 9-5 daily, over 5 months. Training is free and 60% of graduates landed entry level jobs upon graduation. (Although Laboriatoria was created from one company’s need, graduates are not obligated to go to work for the parent company; what they ARE obligated to do is give back 10% of their earnings for the first three years following graduation, to help continue to fund the free training for others.)

Similarly, Code Camp was started in Charleston, SC because of the growing “Silicon Harbor” of technology companies in the area. Two such company owners grew frustrated with not being able to find the right talent and decided to “grow their own.” Classes are now offered Saturdays and in the evenings so working professionals can get the training they need to change or further their careers. There is even a 4-session Kids Camp for kids aged 10 – 14 years – why not get them in the pipeline early?

The next time your Talent or HR department is lamenting the lack of qualified candidates – consider growing your own!