Training Triage

One of the three things that The Training Doctor specializes in, is TRAINING TRIAGE; that is, figuring out what is “wrong” with a training program that is currently in place, but does not accomplish its intended goals, and then developing a ‘treatment plan’ to make return the training program to health.

Bob Pike, in a recent Training Magazine article, noted one of the key elements for why training fails:

“There should be a proper blend of content and process.  Too many trainers I’ve observed focus on one or the other. The key is to focus on both. It is not either content (the right stuff) or process (the right delivery method) – it is both content and process.

Too much information in too short a time equals information overload. As trainers, we may be covering the content but delivering it so fast that it doesn’t allow our participants to capture much of it in a useful way. We all need time to process, integrate and apply what we learned. On the other hand, too much focus on process leaves people wondering, ‘Where’s the beef?’ There just isn’t enough practical take away value to justify the time and energy each participant is expending – let alone the money the organization is investing in making the training possible.”