Where do Attorneys Come From?

If you work for a large enough organization, you undoubtedly have a law department.

Ever wonder where the attorneys come from? Not straight from law school, that’s for sure. Your organization acquired them from somewhere else – usually from a law firm.

Law firms are in an unenviable situation. First, they must deploy employee training from day one – law school does not make one an attorney, it simply teaches one about the law. Second, the average tenure at a law firm is 5.4 years. And, most lawyers who leave their firms do not go to another firm – they usually go to corporate America.

So, you’re welcome. Law firms are footing the bill for you; to the tune of $200,000 per attorney according to our source.

What roles would you train for – from scratch – in your organization? What jobs does the organization prioritize? How does your company stay in business – who are you dependent on? How much is your company willing to invest to “grow” a stellar employee?

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