You’re Probably Wondering Why I Invited You To This Training

As our newsletter subscribers well know, one of the services The Training Doctor 
provides is "Training Triage," that is, helping companies to redesign training they
already have in place, but which doesn't hit the mark, for some reason. 

One of our mortraininge recent projects highlighted one 
of the more typical situations we encounter: 
there was not much point for the trainees to be 
there. It was a three-hour class - delivered 
online - which was strictly lecture. This 
approach violated a  number of learning 
principles - both general, classroom principles, 
and more specifically, online learning principles.

One of the easiest ways to determine if you are designing a quality learning 
experience is simply to ask yourself: What is the audience doing during this class? 
If the answer is "nothing," then you really have not designed a class at all!

One of the wonderful things about technology is that it freed us from having to 
bring people together to simply transmit information. We now have the ability to
create eLearning, podcasts or video which allows for self-study. So, if your audience
is truly doing nothing during your classtime, then you need to take "classtime" 
out of the equation. Look to an alternative means of relaying your content.

The adult learning principle that was violated in the course that we were assessing
was that it was strictly lecture and there was no purpose to having the learners 
gathered together.The online learning principle that was violated was that live 
and online learning should be reserved for those topics which truly benefit from 
having "minds together."

The benefit of bringing people together is to achieve more creative ideas and benefit
from the collaboration and synergy which results from having many thoughts on one

A simple question to answer, but a hard objective to achieve: What is the audience
doing during this class?