Teaching Thinking

Businesses will face transformational change in the next 10 – 15 years. Demographic data on boomers and millennials in the workforce leads to one conclusion: companies are facing a leadership crisis.

Fact – Boomers, with their institutionalized knowledge and decades of experience, are departing corporate America and will be largely gone within 15 years.

Fact – GenX is a smaller generation—too small to fill all the leadership needs.

Fact – Millennials will be promoted to managerial and leadership positions much earlier than their predecessors and before they have the skills, knowledge, and experience to be fully successful.

Fact – Neither formal education nor traditional workplace training focuses on teaching the thinking skills your talent needs most, including (but not limited to) analysis, problem solving, decision making, researching, synthesis or extrapolating information.

The smart solution is to develop the capabilities of your workforce – your way

Cultivating deep thinking requires specific processes and techniques, within a learning context. The Training Doctor, LLC can help your organization in one of two ways:

Without changing your current content or offerings, we’ll integrate thinking skills and approaches which boost learning outcomes. Learn more…

With your company’s goals and priorities in mind, we’ll develop a unique curriculum to teach thinking skills to all of your employees. Learn more…


Companies who are investing in the development of their own workforce are benefiting from more capable employees today and ensuring a steady stream of talent who can move up and fill open positions in the not-so-distant future.

Custom Instructional Design Services

The Training Doctor, LLC is unique in that we are experienced in designing customized training programs via the three major delivery formats: in-person classroom, asynchronous learning, and virtual instructor-led training (vILT).


Instructor-led training still encompasses 70% or more of all the training offerings in corporate America today. However, with the growth of global organizations as well as the advent of virtual employees, classroom based training has become cumbersome and restrictive. Synchronous training is emerging as a prudent alternative not only because of its ability to remain instructor-led and unite far-flung coworkers, but also because of its efficiency in terms of scheduling shorter training sessions or multiple offerings of the same session.

Well-designed vILT sessions are able to achieve the same business goals as classroom based sessions and are often preferred by the learning audience because of their ease of access. The Training Doctor designs for all of the major synchronous platforms: WebEx, Blackboard, Live Meeting, Adobe Connect, Centra, and more.


Asynchronous learning is ideal for knowledge-based content which does not require the intervention or guidance of a facilitator. Vast quantities of knowledge transfer from more senior workers can be handled in this fashion. The benefit of asynchronous training is that it is archivable and available on-demand to your learners. Asynchronous learning can be in the form of eLearning, Wiki’s, Communities of Practice and more. It can be used to train employees, customers, and vendors alike.

In addition to designing customized training programs which are unique to your organization and culture, our broader focus on organization improvement allows you to rely on The Training Doctor to manage the whole process: from needs analysis through curriculum design and short and long term evaluation.


We’re happy to provide a free one-hour telephone consultation to discuss your needs to see how we may be of help or to suggest resources and approaches you may not have thought of yet.


Very often an organization will roll out a training initiative only to discover it doesn’t work. There are numerous reasons for a training program failing to achieve the expected outcome(s); we’ve encountered them all and can set yours right quickly!

Virtual Training Design + Support

Recently, there has been an explosion in innovation and great advances in how organizations are using virtual learning to drive their business. Fuelled by the complex global workplace and the relentless need to cut costs, virtual learning environments are becoming a necessity.


Not only do we have vast experience designing learning curriculums for virtual platforms and virtual worlds, but please visit our subsidiary, SOS, for more information on how we can support your synchronous educational offerings from a technological standpoint, as well.

Testing and Certification

Many organizations need a way to substantiate that learning has been delivered and understood by the workplace audience. The Training Doctor has been developing workplace-related tests and certifications since 1991. We can offer testing or certification services in conjunction with our instructional design services, or teach your staff how to develop valid and reliable Level 2 and Level 3 evaluations themselves.