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Teaching Thinking

Getting the most from your talent is dependent on the quality of their thinking

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In the 21st Century, people are paid to think — to solve problems, make decisions, and lead organizations based on analyzing and synthesizing information. The problem is, we’ve spent decades drumming this ability out of people. In order to be successful in this “new” millennium, businesses require a massive change in their approach to employee development. They require an integrated developmental curriculum, predicated on thinking skills, which develops the capabilities of all workers.

Enhancing Leadership Development

Our thinking curriculum is customized to your particular organization and immerses learners in a topic from a variety of angles, requiring them to think about the concept more completely and deeply. Over time, this exposure to topics helps your employees develop the ability to reflect and make connections between concepts/events. The curriculum is ongoing, which provides learners with the time needed to practice, master, and assimilate their new skills in varied situations.

In today’s business climate the stakes are always changing. By allowing learners to apply knowledge and skills on-the-job, in varied situations, there is immediate and long-term ROI for you and your company.

Future Leader Workshop

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The ROI of a Thinking Curriculum

ROI#1: Increased Retention

Employees who understand company culture are priceless.

When employees feel they are developing and growing on-the-job, they stay with the organization longer.

Your customized curriculum will create more capable employees who are committed to your organization, long-term.

ROI#2: Easier Recruitment

People are attracted to organizations that have their best interests in mind. Having a planned developmental process that you can speak to during recruitment lets job seekers know you are committed to their success.

A demonstrated commitment to long-term employee engagement and development is a perk that few companies offer.

ROI#3: Leadership Pipeline

Today’s leadership development processes are ineffective.

They start too late and are applied to too few; usually after someone is in a leadership role.

A customized thinking curriculum ensures that everyone in your organization has the knowledge, training, and capability to be a future leader. Those who excel and enjoy leadership will rise to those roles. Those who don’t choose leadership will return massive ROI due to their increased capabilities.

Ultimate ROI

Your customized curriculum; built to deliver business results like no other.

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In the next 10-15 years, business will face a transformational change as baby boomers reach retirement age and millennials move into leadership positions. Demographic data on these two portions of the workforce leads to one conclusion: companies are facing a near-term leadership crisis.

The Training Doctor’s customized curriculum is for organizations that strive for excellence and understand that people are vital to continued success. The curriculum is not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all program. It is customized to create or complement your current leadership development programs, increase employee retention, and help your employees grow with your company’s goals and priorities in mind.

Each curriculum is tailored to develop the capabilities of your workforce — your way. Your unique curriculum will help your organization to cultivate more capable employees today and ensure a steady stream of capable leaders for tomorrow.

Our job is to assist, enable, transfer knowledge and skills, and make your organization better.


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